GD Goenka All Set to Become an Independent School

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

GD Goenka School, Sharjah has announced it will change its name to Aspam Indian International School, upon attaining independence from the GD Goenka Group of schools.

The rebrand is reflective of its founder's ambition, Mr. Ashok Goel, to drive growth and expansion across the student life cycle. The school will attain independence from the GD Goenka Group from April 2015, ready for the start of the academic year 2015-16.

Since its founding in 2013 the school has set its own curriculum, values, culture and educational approach. The name change will give management even greater autonomy to meet its mission, vision, values and core principles tailored to the unique needs of the children in the UAE and providing the best international methodologies to equip young people to excel globally.

Speaking about the rebrand, Prachi Goel, Board Member of Aspam Indian International School said; “The Aspam Indian international school is an initiative of Aspam Foundation which is backed by Deztrax Oil & Gas Resources Group, and with its support we are able to provide an international standard of education that is both accessible and affordable. Owning the brand will allow us to promote such values and ensure we continue to evolve according to the needs of pupils living in the UAE and studying an Indian curriculum.”

The executive management will embark on a programme of expansion with new schools and nurseries built across the Northern emirates. Investment will also be allocated to the existing school, which will be further enhanced with the latest learning technologies and new athletic facilities to support the development of every pupil enrolled with the school.  

The same teaching staff, who have built a respected reputation for the school, will remain instrumental to its future. Likewise, the Indian CBSE curriculum which the school and its pupils have followed since its inception, will not change. Moving forward the focus on diversity, character development and lifelong learning which has proved to be integral for pupils will continue.

Speaking about the news, Mark Parkinson, Executive Director of Aspam Indian International School, said; “The new way we present ourselves will help create a level of differentiation for parents.  We are committed to continue to facilitate innovative approaches to the Indian curriculum, classroom activities and school events bringing about holistic growth and development of a generation of young children”.